Jen's Homepage
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Jen's Homepage

My name is Jennifer Sunderlin. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I am married and have a daughter.


My husband Harley and his brother Cairre.

My family. My Dad, Mom and 3 sisters.

My wedding party.
From Left to right: Sandy, Jen, Valerie, Pam, Beth, Me, My Husband, Dan, Mike, Cairre, Francis, Willy
In front: Becky & Marissa

My Dad, Mom, Me & My husband

My sisters Becky
and Marissa.My
daughter Kristin.
My niece Keshia.

My niece Keshia
and my daughter.

My daughter Kristin.

My niece Keshia and
my daughter Kristin.

My Niece Keshia.

My sisters Marissa
and Becky.

My hobbies include collecting unicorns and making things with plastic canvas.

My favorite football team is

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