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Welcome to Jabber Chat. This page can be customized however you like. In fact, you can add the JabberChat link to your existing web page by simply adding the necessary JavaScript function between <HEAD> and </HEAD>

  <Script Language="JavaScript">
    function OpenJabberWindow() {
        jabber_url = ""; //EDIT THIS!!
        if (!document.images) {
            msg = "Your browser is not capable of logging in to Jabber Chat. ";
            msg = msg + "You should use Netscape or Internet Explorer, version ";
            msg = msg + "4.0 or newer. (Available at";
            window.alert(msg); return;
Then, just provide a the link to the JabberChat Opener: Enter JabberChat
  <a href="javascript:OpenWindow()">Enter JabberChat</a>
View the source of index.html (this file) for an example. It's really quite easy! For questions or comments regarding the JabberChat software, send email to Jabber Chat is Copyright © 1999 by Prowler Productions. See “readme.txt” for complete information. For all the latest JabberChat product infromation, check out the JabberChat Home Page.