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Updated: 06/18/119
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Hi, Whats up
Meet Harley & Jennifer Sunderlin. We had a new baby girl which we named Kristin Lynn on June 19, 1998. The bundle of joy wouldn't have been so much of a shock if at least I known my wife was pregnant.

P.S My wife had no idea too.

Has it been over a year since kristin was born. Well I guess it has where has the time went. She is walking now and has 2 little old teeth. Dad and mom are here favorite words as you would guess.

Just to inform everyone about kristin lynn's progress. She now has about 7 teeth they are sharp too so don't stick your fingure in her month. I learned that lesson the hard way. She now has as full head of hair that you can see, by the way it is red. And I still say she looks like me even though everyone else say's she looks like her mom.

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